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A Time to Shine Project

Older People.
Sharing Stories.

Shine publishes a printed magazine, full of older people’s stories. Since 2020, we’ve delivered over 100,000 copies of the magazine to older people in Leeds who are isolated or lonely. We’ve featured opinions, memories, life-stories, health tips, information and more – all from and for older people. Everyone has a story to tell: there is no such thing as an ‘ordinary’ life.


Shine Magazine is relaunching soon: the Christmas special will be available shortly. You can read digital copies of all our published magazines below. Take a look at our most recent issue, a Jubilee Special funded by the National Lottery.


Many of our stories are available to read on this website. Feel free to browse through the articles below for a sample. If you would like to find out more about the Shine project and get more involved, please email us at



In this very special bumper-edition of Shine, we pay tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth II and remember her remarkable 70-year reign. The Queen visited Leeds many times and we take a look back to those memorable occasions. We meet some older people who are obsessed with the Royals and we present Shine’s very own “alternative Queens”, including a drag queen and a Carnival Queen. All that alongside personal memories, opinion, fiction - and a cheeky dose of The Sex Pistols!


The latest edition of Shine is Available Now


Special Report.

In the late 1940s, people from Ukraine came to settle in Leeds. We meet two people of Ukrainian heritage and
find out what they are doing to support a country at war.


Shine a Light Stories.

Long read stories of ordinary people who have done interesting things. Some you’ll know, others you won’t. All of them come from older people in Leeds.

Shine a Light Stories

An Incredible Journey

Eric Smith tells us of his lifetime fascination with trams, his love for Europe, and his passion for gay equality.

Memories of Leeds.

Older people share their memories of significant or interesting events in the history of Leeds. In partnership with Leeds Museums and Galleries.

Memories of The Lonely Lady

Community Curator Rathi Tamilselvan uncovers the story of the Lonely Lady.

Articles & Features

Articles & Features.

A selection of the most fascinating and informative pieces from older writers in the city. Meet interesting, significant people; explore what issues are important to older people; and find out how to stay healthy in challenging times. All these articles and features feature stories of older people but they also get you thinking.

Health & Wellbeing.

In Focus.

Stories, interviews and information around physical and mental health. For many older people, their health is a major priority, particularly at the moment. Shine has partnered with the Public Health team at Leeds City Council to provide the most up-to-date information on health issues. Articles cover both physical and mental health, with a particular emphasis on well-being. Find out ways to stay healthy in challenging times.